ProtoShare 9.0

Release Notes for ProtoShare 9.0, released on May 18th, 2013.

New Theme

We've updated and modernized the app theme. New colors, a new easier to read font and more.

WYSIWYG Palette and Component Switching

We've updated the palette so that you can find the components you're looking for more quickly. Included with this change, you can now change components to use different types of content, including states, pages or text.

Note: RIA Web/Desktop components have moved to the stencils and widgets library here.

Allow Containers to have Content and Position Locked Independently. Added content locked icon.

Previously, If you locked the position of a container, the contents were automatically locked. Now, you can lock contents and position independently. Additionally, when the contents of a container are locked, both the component on the canvas and the component in the component outline in the sidebar will show a 'lock' icon.

Enhanced Context Menu

Additional functions including send to back and send to front were added to the right-click menu.

Assign templates to multiple pages at once.

After selecting multiple pages in the site map and choosing a design on each, you can now assign a template to all pages through Get Info.

Anchor Links

Entering an ID as the … link to property for a component will allow you to scroll to the component with this ID.

Get Design Screenshots

The Share menu now included the Get Image function. This allows you to generate full-sized screenshots of the current design. It is available from both the editor and review screens.

Other Features Added & Bugs Fixed

  • Keyboard Shortcut for Wrap/Unwrap Content ( W, Shift W )
  • Export to HTML export time reduced
  • Changed 'get info' in site map to 'rename'
  • Resize container with contents in place by using the resize from center keyboard shortcut ( Hold alt/option key while resizing )
  • Added keyboard shortcut to focus canvas. Control/Command-E
  • Fixed bug that prevented anchor links from working properly.
  • Aligning components respects screen guides.
  • Improved laser guides: Now work on resize and nudge.

9.1 Features and Fixes

  • Added support for review when using IE10
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

9.1.2 Features and Fixes

  • iOS view on device and export: Global states would not persist without a page reload.
  • Dragging a file onto the canvas in Annotate mode caused UI issues.
  • Locked position components on the canvas would deny the ability to use the nudge tool if they were selected along with unlocked components.
  • Changes made in the appearance bar would not save if you clicked directly to the component listing without escape, tab or enter
  • Resizing from center followed by an undo on newly added components gave incorrect result.
  • Adding annotations to a page caused master state duplication.