ProtoShare 9.2

Release Notes for ProtoShare 9.2, released on October 5th, 2013.

Cleaner HTML

HTML format has been cleaned up and minimized. Javascript has been extracted from HTML and moved to the bottom of the document to make the HTML more useful.

Export to HTML - Formatting

Additional option to format HTML for readability which adds indentation and formatting to the HTML.

Spec. Doc - Export to PDF

Specification can now be exported to PDF in addition to Microsoft Word format.

Page Identifiers

Added page identifier field which allows you to add an ID to each page which does not show up as part of the page name. Can be changed by choosing Rename in File menu or when right-clicking.


Other Features Added & Bugs Fixed

  • Annotation text can now be selected and copied from Review.
  • address has been changed to to reduce false positives in spam filtering software.
  • Link to billing page added to Help menu for users with billing manager privilege.
  • Dragging a folder from desktop created a broken asset.
  • "Make Visibile" option in context menu and hotkey were broken.