ProtoShare 8.0

Release Notes for ProtoShare 8.0, released on February 16, 2013.

Laser Guides

Improve your layout with precise alignment using the new laser guides when you move or add components.

NOTE: Laser guides can cause performance degradation on older hardware. If you have an issue, they can be disabled via the menu: View > Show Alignment Guides

Split Review into Run and Share in the Editor

Run Mode: By clicking Run your prototype will open in a new window, allowing interactivity and clickable links that will allow you to navigate between your pages.

Share continues to bring you the same functionality as the old Review button. Share opens a new tab in your browser where topics and annotations can be added to your prototype for collaboration and feedback.

Redesigned the Listing section and renamed it Sidebar

The redesigned listing is a tabbed interface that provides more space for manipulating large lists of states or components. In addition, component listing performance is improved, and drag and drop re-ordering is available for every listed component.

Other Features Added & Bugs Fixed

  • Toolbar Updates: We split the Annotate and Link tool buttons apart from the Test mode button, and grouped them with the new Select tool.
  • Quick Tip: Annotations can be selected while the annotation tool is active. Links can be selected, resized and edited while the Link Drawing tool is active.
  • Dragging a page from the page tree to the canvas now creates a navigation component by default.
  • Added ability to switch between Text and Rich Text components seamlessly.
  • Added ability to switch between Image and Smart Image components.
  • Local states are now reset on page load.
  • Copy and Paste styles now copies all modes (hover, click and active) by default.
  • View on Mobile Device message moved and turned into a box.
  • Activated inline content editing for more components.
  • Added iPhone 5 screen guides.
  • Online status of users in a project has improved accuracy.
  • Hot Keys: Alt to Resize from Center / Shift to Preserve Aspect Ratio (while resizing)
  • Developers can now resend invites to invited reviewers.
  • Replaced Distribute function with Space function. Allows automatic spacing of components vertically or horizontally.
  • Various bug fixes