ProtoShare 7

Release Notes for ProtoShare 7, released on November 17, 2012.

New Account Dashboard

We've simplified the Account Welcome screen. View just your active projects, know the last time you logged in, and if you have unread discussion topics.

New Project Dashboard

We've also simplified the Project Dashboard. Only key information is presented: Description, members, and topic notifications.

Real-time Topic Updates

Stay on top of discussions as they happen. Topics update in real-time in Review, and unread topic counts are updated on account and project dashboards.

Add Members from Topics

Have you ever wanted to add project members when adding a new topic? Now you can, right from the Review interface.

Inline Text Editing

Double-click a Text component on the canvas to edit the text inline.

QR Code with View on Device

When using the View on Device feature, you can now scan a QR code instead of entering a URL and PIN.

Other Features Added & Bugs Fixed

  • Billing Manager is no longer a role, but a flag that is assigned to any user in the account. Only Account Managers can assign this flag.
  • No more Width/Height checkboxes. Clear the W/H field for "auto" sizing. Resizing on the canvas is always available and activates "manual" sizing, as needed.
  • Annotations - Users can choose the markers to be visible only when their "on click" States are active.
  • Container and Scrolling Container are two separate components.
  • When creating a new topic, Select All is now unchecked by default.
  • Dialogs for new users getting started in ProtoShare have been improved.
  • Vertical Navigation - Child pages did not indent when nested.
  • View on Device - States did not persist when navigating between pages.
  • Page Documentation - Images / Assets did not load in Word export.
  • Issues with JavaScript "onload" events in the HTML Sandbox prevented updated without a refresh.
  • Loading speed of complex designs was slow in certain cases.