ProtoShare 6

Release Notes for ProtoShare 6, released on January 8, 2012.

Huge improvements to Review

We have overhauled the the review and commenting side of ProtoShare. We took a look at what makes discussions actually useful and came to the conclusion that discussion with action is a time-sink. You need ways to make decisions and resolve open issues.

This is nearly a complete overhaul. Many new features, including:

  • See read/unread topics & comments.
  • Mark topic comments as decisions.
  • Filter and sort topic discussions.
  • Subscribe multiple people to topics.
  • Mark topics as resolved.
  • Improved notification emails.
  • Notifications only on subscribed topics.
  • Assign multiple owners to a topic.
  • And more!

Drag & Drop Asset Upload

Upload images using drag and drop. This might just revolutionize the way you use ProtoShare.

Floating Palette Pane

The palette is now free and like the Inspector, can be hidden or positioned closer to where you are working.

Return to Edit from Review

Wish you could easily edit a design you are viewing in Review? Now you can using the Edit link in the toolbar.

BETA: Edit Designs in IE9

Beta feature: Edit your designs using Internet Explorer 9.

We are testing IE9 internally and so far so good, but we aren't quite ready to call it done. If you try it out and you get a dialog complaining the browser isn't supported, make sure your browser is set to "Browser Mode: IE9" and "Document Mode: IE9 Standards" in the IE Developer Tools.

Other Features Added & Bugs Fixed

  • Editor: Double-clicking component selects previously used property instead of the one it's supposed to.
  • Inconsistent behavior when creating a master from a selection of components
  • Reviewers do not get an error message when attempting to update other user's Topics
  • IE8: Selected topic styles are wonky
  • IE8: Cartoon font has scrollbars on Large and Huge sizes
  • IE8: Tree View Sub Pages do not show
  • IE8: Project Managers and Developers cannot invite new users (either to a specific project or to the account)
  • IE8: Text Area component has a tendency to display differently in IE8 than other browsers
  • Duplicating Pages/Designs: Discussion topics duplicate
  • Export: Slash in custom file name causes failure
  • Library: Cannot delete multiple template, master, or asset subfolders at same time
  • IE8: Many drop-menus randomly stop working
  • Cannot open design(s) for new pages in Site Map
  • Annotation body does cannot be edited in inspector
  • FF5: Right-click menu appears in wrong location
  • Annotations: Right click menu functionality inconsistent.
  • State values unavailable until window is reloaded
  • Review: Certain icons invisible on different browsers.
  • Safari and Chrome PC: International characters do not display properly
  • Library: Certain Templates and Masters cannot be edited / duplicated
  • Review: There is no way to refresh all Topic, Design, and Page data at once
  • Editor: Bringing multiple items forward on layers doesn't save
  • Accordion / Tab Panel: UL and OL do not display properly
  • Selection not retained between listing and canvas
  • Pages, Assets, Folders with :,?,%,/,*,<,> characters in name are not written to the file system correctly
  • Tab and Accordion Panel: CSS Class / ID values being stripped out
  • Windows 7 / Firefox 7: Manually changing X or Y position sets value off by 1 pixel.
  • HTML Export:: Sandbox component: Page URLs included in JavaScript do not get parsed / converted
  • Windows 7/FF7: Action Menu always displays in left top corner of the browser
  • Can't create topic via File -> New Topic if page doesn't have topics.
  • Editor: Inspector panel state not saved between sessions
  • Review: Show all topics does not show archived topics
  • Author of the Topic with role Reviewer does not see buttons Archive/Unarchive Topic
  • IE8: JS error occurs on Welcome page
  • Browser painting of floating header is buggy
  • Creating a topic navigates to the currently selected Topic's design prior to creation
  • Create Topic: new topic is not selected post-creation
  • Windows 7: View of menu elements became broken for all browsers
  • Windows 7: Welcome page for Reviewer has wrong view
  • IE8: Users are not able to open Review mode
  • Review: Decision can be removed while topic is resolved
  • Topics: After marking topic as unresolved/resolved, incorrect "mark as" shown in context menu until topic is selected again.
  • Review: Selecting annotation from the annotation listing does not activate states associated with annotation
  • Clicking a selected annotation activates states (and deselects)
  • Can't open drop down list in property inspector.
  • Design Filmstrip: Mark as Active misspelled on context menu
  • Discussion topics are duplicated when duplicating project/designs.
  • Unread archived topics do not appear in topic list
  • Kbd shortcuts do not hide palette/inspector windows when they are active
  • IE8: Can't add topics on top of components
  • Review: Screen not adjusting to topic pins below the fold
  • Topics Inbox dropdown is stuck on "show"
  • Hitting ESC dismisses export progress dialog
  • Non-owners of topics can move pins (but they revert back)
  • Duplicate Proj: Design Types do not appear to be duplicated
  • URL drag-and-drop not working
  • Following link to topic does not scroll design to pin location
  • Windows 7 / FF : Icons in project / people listings show as ellipses
  • Editor: Select-all selects "deleted" components
  • Editor: Deleting a container does not unselect children
  • Editor: Deleted group members are auto-selected
  • IE8 / Review: Clicking topic in listing causes blue highlight to flash.
  • IE8: When opening a project from project listing / recent projects, erroneous pop-up blocker message is shown.
  • Duplicating designs duplicates discussion topics.
  • Invalid email address not detected during invitation process
  • Review: Design list does not refresh when opening another design of current page
  • Asset Inspector: Fields hidden, cannot edit name
  • Review: Context menus and dbl-click actions enabled in review