ProtoShare 6.3

Release Notes for ProtoShare 6.3, released on July 1, 2012.

Increase Wireframe Fidelity with Expanded Styles

We've added much greater control over components' appearance settings in ProtoShare. Existing users may need some time to get used to the changes, but you'll find that achieving the level of fidelity you need is faster and more fun.

Current Customers, please contact us to have your account migrated to the new version. If you heavily rely on the Project Style Sheet, the 6.3 updates will override your styles and we want to ensure as smooth a transition as possible.

New Property Inspector Fields

The Inspector groups have been re-organized and new fields are found under Appearance. You can now specify a fill image for certain components, a cursor style, and apply custom colors to stroke, fill, and text color.

The Position & Size group now allows you to specify custom values for the item vertical and horizontal spacing. Note the checkbox changes: checked means you can make manual sizing adjustments, unchecked is auto-sized.

Component Palette Changes

Components have been re-organized. The Image placeholder is now an "X", replacing the palm tree. We removed stretchy setting; it's always stretchy now. Use "Size-to-Fit" to match the image's native size.

A plain Text component replaces Label and we added a State Value Button. Page and State Navigation components now apply appearance settings to each individual page/state element rather than only the bounding box.

Appearance Modes

In the Inspector are Normal, Active, Hover, and Click modes. Customize a component's appearance based on its built-in interactions.

Settings / Inspector Toolbar

A quick and easy way to adjust X/Y position and settings for Width/Height, Stroke, Fill, Box, Text, Padding, and Alignment.

State Value Button

A button to toggle between two values of an assigned State. You can also style the Active Value to mimic a "toggle button" style control with one component.

New Resource Center

The Library was updated with the new styles and is linked from within the application. We also added new Stencils & Widgets.

Editor Style Defaults

Component styles now always override any style assigned by a custom style sheet. In previous versions the style sheet always had precedence.

Hot Keys

= for Size-to-Fit
Opt-Cmd-c / Alt-Ctrl-c to Copy Styles
Opt-Cmd-v / Alt-Ctrl-v to Paste Styles
Ctrl-Enter to Add Comment in Review

Other Features Added & Bugs Fixed

  • The Codex Books & Masters Example Projects have been archived in your account
  • Hyperlink: Decoration property doesn't control link underline
  • Feature: can choose arbitrary component colors using color codes
  • Feature: can choose arbitrary font-face tags
  • Feature: can set text color independently from border/stroke color
  • Flash movie component: State bindings are unpredictable
  • Numeric Inspector fields do not always validate input
  • Font-size in recent projects grid is very small
  • Editor: Rubber-banding on canvas selects (nested) container components outside of viewable area
  • Page picker is single-select, but multiple pages are allowed by drag/drop
  • Subscriber list: Long job titles cause strange wrapping
  • Advanced Html IE9: Data URI not allowed for iframe

6.3.1 Features and Fixes

  • Unnecessary horizontal scrollbars showing on grids
  • Active settings should override hover settings in component appearance.
  • Some resources loaded without SSL even with always-on SSL set.
  • Breadcrumbs: starting level property inadvertently removed.
  • Active Appearance tooltip has typo.
  • No feedback when pasting 6.2 data into 6.3
  • Sortable grid view not sorting
  • Migration issues: Navigation settings lost during conversion.
  • Migration issues: Non stretch-to-fill images lose sizing.
  • Migration: Breadcrumbs visible levels too low.
  • Migration: Breadcrumbs with no start level should show current page only..
  • Migration: Horizontal Nav margin is 0 instead of -1.
  • Migration: plain text nav loses padding and fill color.
  • Migration 6.2.5 has excessive memory usage.
  • Live Chat added to help.
  • Inspector: Fill image property is grayed out but still editable
  • Inspector: Clicking appearance mode sometimes caused cursor to jump to top.

6.3.2 Fixes

  • Migration issue: Migration error caused by incorrect data.
  • Migration: Style differences between older buttons and new buttons need to be resolved in migration.