ProtoShare 6.3.5

Release Notes for ProtoShare 6.3.5, released on September 8, 2012.


  • Style Settings: Provide separate 'automatic' and 'none' settings.
    Most settings now have an explicit 'automatic' setting which allows things like color and border to be inherited. They also have an explicit 'none' or 'transparent' setting. This also fixes a bug where you could not remove a color on hover, click or active.
  • Double clicking a text component now properly selects all of the text in the inspector.
  • Paste in Place: When pasting to a canvas with nothing selected, the paste will be in place.
  • Added support for use of 'placeholder' text for text fields/text areas.
  • Highlighted Annotations will now move with components.
  • Link Drawing Mode allows inspector to be visible to set links.
  • CSS Editor now properly maintains scroll position.
  • State Management: Clean Up States
    Editor button to allow one-click deletion of unused states from a design.
  • State Management: Editing state values can now be done from the inpector.
  • State Management: States are now preserved when switching from edit to review or from review to edit.
    If you have annotations and components selected, they will now move together.


  • Clicking a link after saving to home screen on an ios device will no longer open new Safari browser.
  • Print View
    Print View available in review for a printable view of an individual design.