ProtoShare 6.3.4

Release Notes for ProtoShare 6.3.4, released on July 28, 2012.


  • Better support for Google Web Fonts
    Google Web Fonts that are included in a stylesheet will now also show in the font face picker in the component inspector.
  • Individual Control for rounding and border for each side.
    Control added to component inspector allow user to choose individual corners to round or to show border.
  • Review: Show All Topics
    Filter added to allow editors to view both subscribed and unsubscribed topics simultaneously.
  • Navigation: Current Page setting
    Restored and simplified the ability to make the 'current page' the root of navigation. Allows easier sub-section navigation templatization.
  • Page Duplication
    Made page duplication shallow by default. Added option to make 'deep copy' of entire sub-tree.
  • Bugs Fixed
    • Number fields truncated in Chrome on the PC.
    • Setting state and linking from the same component sometimes did not work in export.
  • Known Issues Remaining
    3D animation does not function well on Google Chrome