ProtoShare 6.1

Release Notes for ProtoShare 6.1, released on January 29, 2012.

Features Added

Global States

Global States allow Masters to use page states without requiring the Master to be detached. This lets page elements respond to controls in Masters.

Because Global States persist across pages, creating prototypes that have different logged-in vs. logged-out states is much simpler.

If you have several pages that use the same set of states, now you can just create them once, globally, and they will be available to the entire project.

New Stateful Components

Highly requested! You can now bind states to checkboxes and radio buttons. The Checkbox will bind to a state and toggle between the first two values. The Radio Group binds to a state and creates as many radio buttons as there are values in the state.

Listing Panes Now Collapsible

Need more space for a particular pane in the Listing panel? As you go through the stages of a prototype, you might use some panes more than others. Now you can collapse the panes you don't need and get space for the ones you are using.

Replace Assets

Improved asset handling! Now you can replace assets in place and the asset will be updated wherever it is used in the project. Previously you had to upload a new asset, put it in the old asset's place, and then delete the old asset.

Reset a Design to Its Default State

With one click, reset a design to the its default state. This can be very useful as your reviewers interact with a prototype and as you're building it. It's easy to forget what the starting point was, but now it's quick to get back to the defaults.

Other Features Added & Bugs Fixed

  • Option for no label on previous/next state & Previous/next page components
  • Rich text component resizes content downward instead of upward
  • Edit response before saving when changing topics
  • Reset states while viewing a design w/o refreshing browser
  • Prev/Next comp should work w/o text specified
  • Javascript assets are served with the wrong mime type
  • "Topic not found" when loading an unread + archived topic from dashboard
  • Creating annotation on page with master that has a state causes new state to be created on page.
  • Browser support is incorrect
  • Chrome (PC): Ctrl + N and Ctrl + Shift + N keyboard shortcuts don't work
  • Discussion: Long topic subjects cover dates
  • Dragging and Dropping links in interactive mode creates a self-referencing iFrame component
  • Deleted doc exports break export history listing
  • Deleting a state leaves "Unknown" state bound to a component
  • File DD: Dragging from Canvas to Palette to Canvas prevents drop
  • Templates / Masters: Duplicating object with empty description results in "null" being inserted in new object description
  • Annotations & Topics: all initialized states ( across a project ) are displayed in the Annotation dialog's state field
  • Upgrade to latest JavaScript libraries