ProtoShare Works for Your Entire Team.

User Experience (UX)

Be confident that your stakeholders will understand your ideas and goals.

ProtoShare helps you:
  • Quickly build powerful website or web application prototypes to develop your ideas.
  • Get feedback early. Isolate and iterate problem areas until decisions are made.
  • Produce necessary documentation, including low-fidelity wireframes, high-fidelity prototypes, site structure, navigation maps and overall specifications.
  • Easily create stand-alone prototypes for usability testing.
  • Monitor project progress to provide input and clarification.

Designers & Creative Directors

Create interactive mockups from design comps using ProtoShare states.

ProtoShare helps you:
  • Access the functional specification to keep your designs in sync with the requirements.
  • Easily post design comps, make decisions and get sign-offs to keep the project moving forward.
  • Pull in live websites for comment and discussion.
  • Create robust, interactive mockups using ProtoShare states.
  • Stay in tighter communications with other team members (i.e., fewer surprises).

Project & Product Managers

Reduce late-stage rework, misunderstandings and cost overruns.

ProtoShare helps you:
  • Track and manage project discussions and decisions from beginning to end.
  • Give direct and pin-pointed feedback to keep your team focused.
  • Prevent scope creep by validating requirements against the prototype.
  • Communicate more effectively with your entire team.
  • Reduce late-stage rework, misunderstanding, and cost overruns.

Developers & Engineers

Understand the reasoning behind the design by referencing the discussion.

ProtoShare helps you:
  • Build from an online, interactive specification instead of static printed docs.
  • Understand the reasons behind the specification by being able to reference the discussions leading up to decisions.
  • Use Live Views to effortlessly keep stakeholders in the loop during development.
  • Eliminate ambiguity and build specifications with confidence.
  • Improve communication and reduce rework risks with spread out teams.

Business Analysts

Quickly elicit and validate requirements using prototypes.

ProtoShare helps you:
  • Easily monitor your team's progress and gauge project health.
  • Gain confidence that your needs and goals will be met.
  • Join project discussions and give feedback when needed.
  • Craft marketing messaging and positioning earlier.
  • Experience a high-fidelity prototype that increases your understanding, insight, and scope of the work involved.