ProtoShare Makes You More Efficient.

The Top 6 Reasons Projects are Challenged and How ProtoShare Fixes Them

According to IEEE, a group of managers and employees cited a wide range of issues when asked why their projects didn't meet their original goals. The six most-named reasons were:

Problem: Lack of user involvement
Solution: Increase buy-in by inviting stakeholders to the process early

ProtoShare creates a simple user experience where executives, end users, UX professionals, designers and developers can actively engage with interactive prototypes.

Problem: Poor requirements
Solution: Ensure requirements are complete & correct

Visualization radically improves requirements. By adding interactive prototypes and visualizations in ProtoShare, requirements are validated, new requirements are uncovered, and development can move forward with reduced ambiguity, and true agreement between key stakeholders.

Problem: Unrealistic schedules
Solution: Gain a clear scope of the project to better estimate deployment

Estimating development time is difficult. When requirements are illustrated with high-fidelity prototypes, engineering estimates are more accurate. Whether you're packaging a sprint, or scheduling large work units, ProtoShare will help you schedule the work more accurately.

Problem: Lack of change management
Solution: Prevent scope creep & late-stage changes by prototyping

Because ProtoShare allows for rapid, multiple, and even parallel iterations, your team can be more innovative and creative before coding begins. ProtoShare helps teams uncover big changes early in the prototyping phase, practically eliminating late-stage rework.

Problem: Lack of testing
Solution: Test requirements prior to development

ProtoShare massively reduces rework by allowing baseline user-experience testing upfront. By allowing stakeholders to test a prototype, you can eliminate misunderstanding of incorrect or incomplete requirements that typically result in rework that can be complex, time consuming, and costly.

Problem: Inflexible, bloated processes
Solution: Work in iterative sprints to streamline your process

ProtoShare gives your team a lightweight, flexible and streamlined process to uncover more complete project requirements before any code is written. A more Agile, iterative design process allows your team to explore more creative ideas to build optimal solutions. Rapid prototype refinement gets your team real stakeholder buy-in without the headaches and cost of reworking a final product.